Sunday, June 06, 2010

2010 Japan Day 4M - 24:33 / 6:08

Chip Time: 24:33
Pace: 6:08
Rank: 72/5464
Age Grade: 68.8%

After some drinks at one of my other favorite spots @ Louis 649; I wasn't sure if I was going to do the race.  It was a tough weekend due to a funeral and the impending hazy/humid weather.  Since I could barely concentrate and get any sleep on saturday nite, I decided that I have to get my arse out in the park and do something.  Moreover, I didn't want my recent track workouts or $25 go to waste and in addition to that, I sought for some redemption from last year's race.

Although I was able to hit two sub 6 miles, I was unable to hold on to that pace on mile 3.  Going out way too fast in the beginning really made me crash and burn this time around. Maybe if I went 4-5 seconds slower, things may turn out differently.  Nevertheless, it was 9 seconds off from my PR and was able to put in 6 more miles afterwards.

Quebec Ultimate XC 56K.... you are next!

01: 5:58:60
02: 5:58:32
03: 6:29:67
04: 6:10:65


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