Sunday, May 31, 2009

Japan Day - 26:36 / 6:39

Chip Time: 26:39
Pace: 6:39
Rank: 202/4853
Age Grade: 63.3%

6 races down and two more to go. At this rate, I should be done with my 9 races before September! Deep down inside i know it was not my best effort or could possibly rake in a PR. Nevertheless, i'll give myself a pass since it was a day after my half marathon. Hence, I'll take it. ;)

01: 6:37:97
02: 6:36:82
03: 6:52:83
04: 6:31:96



Blogger Nugent said...

nice meeting you on Saturday too! you ran both races and three marathons since boston, that's awesome/crazy!

2:39 AM  

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