Monday, September 22, 2014

2014 Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon - 1:22:13 / 6:16

Net Time: 1:22:13
Pace: 6:16
Rank: 147/ 15500
AG: 72.31%

3 years later and approximately a one minute course PR and 5th fastest half out of 53 in lifetime.  The conditions were muggy and tough but luckily had a great group of teammates to work together.  Asides from the lack of porta-potties and a  35 minute wait, it's a fun course and deceptively rolling.  Overall, it was a great time with my teammates however one thing I would say is if you are going to slip and fall at a water station, please be cognizant of your surroundings and take off your headphones!  Also, don't accuse someone over via hearsay "she said that you pushed me" and then resort to a vile sneak attack from behind by bum-rushing with both arms sprawled out on my teammate.  Purposefully pushing someone with full force and not acknowledging your surroundings; well, you have no one to blame but yourself.  What a poor sport and don't have a leg to stand on, as a lot of runners witnessed your wrongdoing on mile 3.  After a quick few breaths, our team passed the shirtless a55hole at mile 4.  By the way, our team of 8 running in a pack saw the whole situation, and the shirtless a55hole with the headphones was in the wrong.  Good luck and see you in the park as I'll remind you to not lay a hand on my friends.

01:  6:16:52
02:  6:22:21
03:  6:19:32
04:  6:13:64
05:  6:19:64
06:  6:14:13
07:  6:20:02
08:  6:19:21
09:  6:18:08
10:  6:15:07
11:  6:07:22
12:  6:23:90
13:  6:06:60
.1:     :39:42

Post Race @ El Vez


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