Monday, September 15, 2014

'14 TCS NYC Marathon 18 Mile Tune-Up - 1:58:00 / 6:34 & More

Net Time: 1:58:00 (PR)
Pace: 6:34
Rank: 31/4861

After one of our team's tempo on thursday, I had an inkling on what to strive for during the tune-up.  The tune-up is usually a great assessment in terms of current fitness level and whether the plan can be executable. I came into race with a plan to hit the first loop conservatively and try to maintain the last 8-10 miles within reasonable range of marathon pace.  I was lucky enough to run with KP for the first 12 miles.  Funny thing was we were a bit on panic mode when we hit the first mile at 7:07.  Then we just decided to shave off some seconds for the next 5-6 subsequent miles.  As the miles went by, I felt really good throughout the race especially fueling properly, (although I should take more water stops) and overall I felt I executed the race properly despite being a few seconds faster than marathon goal pace, I was able to maintain a negative split per each loop.  The 3rd loop was most difficult especially when weaving through the lap runners.  I just wish they could be more cognizant of their surroundings and able to hear if someone yells "excuse me on your left", he/she she should be able to move out of the way instead of giving some sort of entitlement attitude. The last mile definitely felt great as I felt like I had some energy left in the tank and attacked the downhill.  In the end it was a 55 second PR for me and a good confidence builder for upcoming races.  I definitely needed this race after some personal hardships that felt like an endless undertow.  Next week, Philly Half!

Mile 01: 7:07:82
Mile 02: 6:44:11
Mile 03: 6:36:52
Mile 04: 6:36:77
Mile 05: 6:42:67
Mile 06: 6:33:88
Mile 07: 6:42:78
Mile 08: 6:34:97
Mile 09: 6:26:06
Mile 10: 6:24:00
Mile 11: 6:31:39
Mile 12: 6:25:55
Mile 13: 6:35:26
Mile 14: 6:35:19
Mile 15: 6:24:21
Mile 16: 6:25:90
Mile 17: 6:28:71
Mile 18: 6:08:14

CPTC Group Run & Barcade

Wedding @ Rocky Point

Birthday @ Clinton Hill


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