Monday, July 21, 2014

'14 NY Giants 5K - 18:15/5:54

Net Time - 18:15
Pace - 5:54
AG - 71.85%
Rank - 48

First time setting foot at the MetLife Stadium.  The course was similar to the defunct Shea 5K Chase to the home plate.  I found it hard to justify a $50 for a 5K but to experience something new will gain precedence. Overall the course was flat with the exception of the ramp leading towards the stadium.  With all the logistics, I probably won't be competing this race next year.  Although I did get a feel of dirty jersey from my run from Secaucus to Hoboken!  Still haven't broke the 18 min barrier yet, will try again-

01 -    5:45:19
02 -    5:55:45
03.1 - 6:33:77

@ Smorgasborg & Berry Park

@ Aspen


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