Monday, July 14, 2014

2014 NYCRuns Shore Road Park 5K- 18:20/5:55 & Boomer's Run to Breathe- 23:46/5:57

Two races in a weekend and went better than expected:

Boomer's Run to Breathe
Net Time - 23:46
Pace - 5:57
AG - 72.07%
Rank - 29/5522

One of the few races after getting back into the swing of things from sickness.  I had some respiratory issues for the past few weeks and felt a bit of a dry heave and was breathing laboriously around mile 3.  Luckily after the westside hills, my constant coughing subsided and I was ready to hit another sub 24.

01 - 5:56:31
02 - 5:51:98
03 - 6:08:43
04 - 5:49:52

Pre-Race Celebrations @ Bait n' Hook & RaiRaiKen

NYCRuns Shore Road Park 5K
Net Time - 18:20
Pace - 5:55
AG - 71.51%
Rank - 1st Overall

Definitely was happy to defend this title and racing with a bit of a hangover.  After racing Boomers and hitting sub 6's the day before I had a feeling what to shoot for at a consistent pace.  This was a very low-key and fun race and glad to bring back some hardware.  It was definitely a great feeling to run with the course biker and a great experience since this type of experience happens once or now twice in a lifetime.  Very happy from a former un-athletic self like me!  Onward!

01 - 5:51:32
02 - 6:05:30
03 - 5:46:38
.1 - :37:31

@ Crown Victoria

Let's Go Mets!


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