Monday, June 16, 2014

2014 Portugal Day Run 5Mi - 29:40 / 5:56

Net Time: 29:40 (PR)
Pace: 5:56
Rank: 82/5064
AG: 73.09%

I wasn't expecting this result at the start of the race.  My legs were a bit tired from previous racing and felt a bit flat during my warm-up to the start.  However, what made a huge difference was that I was able to cling onto my teammates throughout most of the race.  I stayed aggressive right from the start and it was a bit of a fight to hang tough.  I'm glad I was able to disassociate it and managed to finish the race while gritting my teeth and holding onto the last mile (ironically the same split as mile 4) for dear life.  Fortunately mile 3 was ok and didn't lose much time from the rolling hills.  Overall a 16 second PR, and 4th PR of the year

01: 6:02:63
02: 5:52:51
03: 6:01:50
04: 5:51:69
05: 5:51:69

@ CrownVictoria, Linen Hall ( & Cedar Hill


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