Monday, June 02, 2014

2014 Israel Run 4Mi - 23:52 / 5:58

Net Time: 23:52
Pace: 5:58
Rank: 32/5530
AG: 71.76%

Utilized this race as a hard workout and the goal was hit 24 and change.  Depending on how I feel, perhaps a sub 24 was a possibility since I was able to execute track and tempo workouts this week.  I tried to keep it under 6 as much as possible; mile 3 was a struggle all runners have to attack through the west side hills Gladly, mile 4 was smooth sailing and felt comfortable at the finish.  Overall, it was 19 seconds off of my PR, first place men's team and 4th on my AG - a great sunday of racing!

01: 5:49:11
02: 5:54:51
03: 6:12:07
04: 5:57:59


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