Thursday, May 01, 2014

2014 Boston Marathon - 3:08:53

Net Time: 3:08:53
Pace: 7:12
AG: 66.13%

Took a few days off to process this, and overall it was not my best race.  Due to last year's events, I vowed to come back stronger than last year.  However that was not the case.  In terms of training cycle, I felt pretty confident coming into the race with a string of strong races from the beginning of year.  I thought to myself perhaps if I just ease a bit and hit the first half in 1:27ish instead of 1:25 (last year where i hit a 2:58), I should be able to hold-steady for a good result.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  I experienced cramps on both legs starting on mile 17 through to the finish line.  It wasn't smooth sailing and wound up stopping 7 times even though I told myself to continue on.  I'm still trying to figure out how I would experience cramps early in the game, and when it does happen, it would be around mile 22 or 23.  Anyway, rather than dwelling on it, on a the bright side, I was still able to finish the race in under 3:10 with multiple stops so I guess that is a positive sign.  In terms of expectations, 4-5 years ago, i would've been happy with this result, however it is funny how goal expectation changes as you progress.  Reflecting back at the race, I gave myself 2 minutes of disappointment of falling short of my goal as I crossed the finish line, but it was best to move on.  I've been through bad races and not races can be a PR or what I envisioned it to be.   I've had a string of great races, some bad races are bound to happen, and most of all, it just wasn't my day.  The best way is to carry over this experience, work harder and stronger for the next event.  That's my approach!  Well, that's the story of my 6th consecutive Boston and 35th marathon.  I will be back for 2015!

Mile 01: 6:47:85
Mile 02: 6:33:05
Mile 03: 6:39:57
Mile 04: 6:42:50
Mile 05: 6:43:95
Mile 06: 6:40:13
Mile 07: 6:45:18
Mile 08: 6:39:63
Mile 09: 6:40:52
Mile 10: 6:41:38
Mile 11: 6:42:73
Mile 12: 6:40:18
Mile 13: 6:44:59
Mile 14: 6:40:45
Mile 15: 6:48:37
Mile 16: 6:42:25
Mile 17: 7:04:38
Mile 18: 7:24:62
Mile 19: 7:13:28
Mile 20: 7:44:10
Mile 21: 8:12:96
Mile 22: 7:50:51
Mile 23: 8:33:54
Mile 24: 8:38:51
Mile 25: 8:50:98
Mile 26: 8:30:37
Mile .2:  1:37:19

Pre Boston Marathon

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