Monday, April 07, 2014

2014 Scotland 10K - 37:35 / 6:04

Net Time: 37:35 (PR)
Pace: 6:04
Rank: 136/8067
Age Grade: 72.63%

After a PR drought, the first PR of 2014 happened at the Scotland 10K.  Although it was minimal (5 seconds), I'll take it as I haven't consistently executed any speed/track workouts and focused mainly on mileage and tempos.  I came into this race with tired legs and similarly executed the same strategy before the Penguin Half and it seem to work out fine.  Given the fact that I ran an 18:29 at the Red Hook 5K, my goal was mainly to stay in control perhaps make this race into a solid tempo effort.  However once the race was about to start, the adrenaline sets in and all of the sudden I was hitting sub 6s for the first 3 miles.  My mind drifted apart on mile 4, however was able to keep it together on the last 2 miles by hanging onto my CPTC teammates.  Comparing to my splits from the same race last year, I was more aggressive this year, however lost a lot of steam on mile 4. Overall, I think it was a solid effort and hopefully will help with my 6th 2 weeks!

01: 5:56:21
02: 5:57:76
03: 5:58:81
04: 6:25:69
05: 5:59:37
06: 6:03:39
.2: 1:14:99

Post Scotland @ Osteria Cotta w/ CPTC

@ El Paso Taqueria


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