Monday, March 03, 2014

'14 Frozen Penguin Half Marathon - 1:21:54 / 6:15

Net Time: 1:21:54
Pace: 6:15
Age Grade: 72.59%
Rank: 3rd

Ran my second half marathon in a week and surprisingly my legs felt ok.  Trained through this race to acquire some high mileage for the week (77.5).  I normally take a rest day or two before a race but this time I decided to try something new.  Overall I felt great out there besides a bit of a hiccup on mile 12, but was working with my teammate throughout the race from miles 5-11.  That kept me going and landed my 2nd fastest half marathon time; 30 seconds from my previous PR at the NYC Half.  Great showing as Central Park Track Club took 3 of the top 5 spots.

01: 6:18:32
02: 6:19:2703-04: 12:20:3805-08: 25:15:5409: 6:15:5010: 6:09:3411: 6:28:8612: 6:15:9513: 5:57:97.1:  33:86

@ KryssieB's, Strong Place and Royal Palms


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