Friday, December 13, 2013

2013 Ekiden Relays - 1:40:59

 Net Time: 1:40:59
Pace: 6:14
Overall/Division Rank - 8/2

This was my second year competing at the Ekiden Relays.  However this year I was part of the 2 man team racing two legs.  Overall we had a solid race as a two man team we placed 8th out of 135 teams and 2nd in our division.  I definitely had the easier job overall in terms of mileage (5 and 1.7) while kg tackled more mileage (3.5 and 6).  I felt great on my first leg (5) however my last leg sucked (1.7).  It didn't suck because I felt tired but moreso over the fact that I was annoyed that someone sprinted past me on the last second.  This was not the first time it had happened but several times during the workouts when he feels the urge to blitz pass and cuts into my lane during an interval and especially when I was executing the 1Ks and he was just sprinting the 200.  Similarly to Ekiden, he only raced the 1.7 leg with a minute head start when I caught up to him midway on my last transition...and this was my second leg.  Perhaps he has some moronic pride issues.  Oh well, to each its own but I simply find it extremely annoying.

My team overall competed in all divisions (except for the 2 female team) and in terms of the inter-club challenge points, I think we solidified our first place standings overall unofficially. 

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