Thursday, October 10, 2013

2013 Grete's Gallop - 1:26:23 / 6:36

Net Time: 1:26:23
Pace: 6:36
Rank: 147
AG: 68.67%

Definitely not the best effort but given the situation at hand I couldn't expect too much.  Just a few days before the race I admitted to CityMD during work due to a painful sore throat and some swelling.  My 5 day antibiotic treatment of azithromycin did not end till Tuesday.  But overall, I felt a bit run down and most certainly I could've said to bag this race altogether; however I still find some sort of excuse to enter a race because either I have to: break into my new PureConnects 2 and try to test out my breathing for any inherent complexities.  Just a few more days and I'm already feeling the nerves.  Fingers crossed-


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