Sunday, September 08, 2013

2013 Autism Speaks 4M - 23:33 / 5:54

Net Time: 23:33 (PR)
Pace: 5:54
Rank: 147/5103
Age Grade: 72.41%

7th PR of the year in perfect and ideal weather conditions.  The 6 second PR came as a surprise as this race capped off my week which includes a long run and two hard workouts.  As usual, tackled the race by sticking side by side to several teammates and it worked.  The first two miles felt very smooth and didn't die as much on the west side hills as I was well under 18:00 on mile 3.  The last mile was probably my fastest mile ever in a race and resulted in a 6 second PR.  Next up the tune-up!

01: 5:54:57
02: 5:47:67
03: 6:08:17
04: 5:42:64

 @ Boat Basin

@ CP Post Long Run 

Sheryl Crow @ Live in the Artist's Den in the Plaza Grand Ballroom


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