Monday, July 29, 2013

2013 Cape Cod, CPTC Founders 5K (18:04), Luminners @ T5 & Then Some

Rented a house in Falmouth with a great group of friends. Great to just relax, run, eat, drink and repeat.  Ran everyday and managed to fit in a double.  We also went as far as finding a local high school track to execute the workouts; even if it was running 8miles overall to and fro.  Solid group of great souls.

2013 CPTC Founders 5K
Net Time: 18:04
Pace: 5:49
Rank: 36
AG: 72.23%

Ran a little faster than my previous 5K (18:47); and was 1 second off from my PR.  Hopefully this is will be a good setup for the team championships in a few days.  Although I would've liked to break 18, I would have to race for another day.    Perhaps a fall 5K?

01:     5:59:09
02:     5:40:95
03.1:  6:25:18

Glenn's Post MBA @ GMT

HBD Pat! @ Woodwork

@ Notaro

Lumineers @ T5


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