Monday, June 17, 2013

2013 Portugal Day 5M - 29:56 / 6:00

Net Time: 29:56 (PR)
Pace: 6:00
Rank: 124/5259
AG: 72.13%

The Portugal Run capped my 9th NYRR race of the year.  After 18 5milers within NYRR, this was my first sub 30 race.  Truth is, I've always had difficulty in racing events under 10K, mainly due to inconsistent track workouts.  But, I hope to be more consistent for this year and hopefully lowering my pace a bit more on these shorter races.  I was a bit conservative on the first mile mainly due to lingering PF issues on my right foot, but that subsided when I entered into the 102nd transverse.  Despite fallen a bit flat on mile 3, I think I was able to close out the race with decent last two miles and resulted in my first sub 30.  Long overdue PR (since Club Champs 2010) and after 18 NYRR 5 milers!

01: 6:05:11
02: 5:55:79
03: 6:09:13
04: 5:52:18
05: 5:54:24


Blogger DawnB said...

You know I have not been here awhile. This the first post I read from you in a while. Wow I can't believe you are still setting PR's that is so awesome. I know there is not secret but I wish there were!! Good for you!!

6:29 PM  

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