Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Josh Radin @ Le Possion Rouge & 2013 Long Beach 10 Miler

Josh Radin @ Le Possion Rouge

Net Time: 1:06:19
Pace: 6:34
Rank: 12
Age Place: 2nd

This was my second Long Beach 10 Miler.  I was at least 90 seconds off from last year's time and the windy conditions made the race pretty tough.  Although the wind wasn't a gale-like in Las Vegas of 2012, I couldn't hit any pace under 6:30 or even remotely close to my half marathon pace.  Truthfully speaking, it wasn't the race that I have expected, however I'm still going to discuss about it rather than shying away from a bad race. Good and bad races happen, embrace it, & move onto the next one.  Again, it was not the best effort, but was able to nab a 2nd Age Grade place trophy; I guess it wasn't all that bad!

@ Turtle Bay


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