Friday, May 31, 2013

'13 Wall Street Run - 17:48/5:56

Net Time: 17:48 (PR)
Pace: 5:56
Age Grade: 69.2
Rank: 28 & Age Place: 3

A bit under 70% in AG, but I'm ok with it.  Basically ran with teammates, Cliff and Nikki F (overall female winner).  It was definitely a solid effort in terms of the weather conditions (89 degrees) and the fact that I took no rest days and ran 5 miles from work to get to this joint.  Despite the issues with baggage where I brought a bookbag with me and had to empty out all the contents, it was an organized race.  I'm glad to nab another PR in this distance; the last time i ran it was in '08 (18:55/6:18); yikes!

01: 5:48:62
02: 5:59:93
03: 5:59:50


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