Monday, April 01, 2013

2013 Red Hook Crit 5K 18:13/5:51 & Roosevelt Island 5K 18:33/5:59

Roosevelt Island 5K
Net Time: 18:33
Pace: 5:59
Rank: 9th
AG: 70.35%

Tale of two 5Ks in a day.  I've done back to back races before from Saturday to Sunday however, have never pull both off within 24 hours.  Being that it is a 5K, recovery shouldn't take that long.  Moreso, this would be a perfect setup for any other workout.  My rationale for doing two races is that the distance is the same as a 10K and in addition it is another way to get a workout in since I haven't done any track practices since October of 2012.  The first 5K took place during morning in Roosevelt Island.  My time was better than I expected.  The course was scenic and my first time ever setting foot in Roosevelt Island.  Doubt I'll ever live there because it feels like a secluded country to me.  Overall, NYCRuns has done a great job at offering alternative races outside of CP.  Although my time wasn't as good as I expected, I'm happy that my teammates took top honors for both distances.  

Red Hook Crit 5K
Net Time: 18:13
Pace: 5:51
Rank: 78/198
AG: 71.64%
Splits: 4:30/4:31/4:37/4:34

Less than 12 hours later, the second 5K was in Red Hook.  Huge representation from my team as this was a competitive field.  The atmosphere definitely feels different from other races...possibly the hard-to get to location and the fact that it harbors an industrial feel makes this race something to remember.  In addition, it was great racing and being around all the fast racers out there.  Post race took place at the Brooklyn Ice House with a nice campfire to share stories with.  And about the race...Although it wasn't a PR, I was able to race 20 seconds faster than my previous morning 5K; thanks to pacing with my teammate JHare.  I should be satisfied with both performances given the fact that I did no real speedwork in over 7 months.


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