Monday, January 07, 2013

2013 Joe Kleinerman 10K: 38:19 / 6:11 & the Holidays

Net Time: 38:19
Pace: 6:11
Rank: 46/3144
Age Grade: 70.89%

First race of 2013 and didn't harbor any huge expectations.  Overall I did ok.  I wasn't expecting any PRs since I just came back from a 15K PR as well as a lack of speedwork and tempo sessions in over 2 months, drinking 12 nights straight and base mileage around 40-42!  The end result went better than expected and I hope this gives me a sense on what I need to work on for the new year - more speed sessions and um....mileage!  One more note is during the first two miles, some dumba55 w/ heavy breathing in a white shirt and black tights kept clinging onto me almost elbow to elbow.  If I sped up, he sped up and if I slowed down he slowed down as well.  In addition, he kept speeding on the downhill while I kep maintaining my pace.  I find it kind of annoying because if he wanted to pass me, just phu*king pass me.  The good thing is, after the Harlem hill, the annoyance was gone when I just decided to push through the hills.  Annoying!

01: 6:13:89
02: 5:59:92
03: 6:15:34
04: 6:18:45
05: 6:12:91
06: 6:05:61
 .2: 1:12:83

 @ Mohegan Sun 
- Spent some quality time with my parents by driving up to Mohegan for a day for a Sally Yeh Concert.  I felt like I was in Hong Kong. 

Xmas w/ mom @ City Lobster & Aspen Lounge
- Spent more quality time with my mom by doing a random night in NYC and checking out the tree.  Before we had dinner at City Lobster, I had to take my mom out to Aspen lounge for a drink.  Yup, my mom is cool like that!

Secret Santa @ the Penthouse, Soldier Mcgees and Dead Poets
-Bringing on to the new year and especially the holidays makes me how fortunate I am to have such great circle of friends in my life.  Gifts meh...spending time with ones I truly care about is all I need during the holiday season

Birthday dinner @ AOC & New Years Eve Long Run
-Went to AOC for my birthday dinner.  I normally would be fine with just an outback or red lobster, but I've been craving for Parisian/French food since my trip there.  Hence, she had to rsvp for it - asap! And of course a new years even semi-long run to end the new year and start anew with new goals and beginnings

Drinks with Hack @ Valhalla
-Spent some time with one my best friends who had moved to the west coast.  After speaking to my bro Hack...I've decided to brew my own beer

Congratulations to ERIN and SEAN @ Scranton
-Drove to Scranton in less than perfect snowy/icy conditions.  We had to make the trip there no matter what.  Maloney was always my nemesis during the races and my fondest memory was pacing with her from miles 6-21 in the NYC marathon.  We both ran 2:58s...she beat me by 4 seconds.  Not surprising since all her marathons were sub 3s.  Congrats to Sean and Erin!

CPTC Ugly Sweater @ Amity Hall
- Another year, another ugly sweater party hosted by my team.  I hoped my sweater was ugly enough...if not, festive should do.

Impromptu B-day Brunch @ Yuca & 13th Step
- Happy to have great friends to set up a quick impromptu brunch for my 27th birthday (cough cough) lol

Bday @ Lokal and Spritzenhaus
- Happy to have great friends to set up a quick impromptu brunch for my 27th birthday in Greenpoint.  Spritzenhaus is turning into one of my favorite venues

Till then here's to 2013, in good health and happiness - to a good year; cheers


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