Friday, August 31, 2012

NFL Run 4M - 24:17 / 6:05

Chip Time: 24:17
Pace: 6:05
Rank: 31/3442
Age Grade: 69.97%

Impromptu and a last minute decision to race this 4Miler. Scratched the original plans of doing the CPTC workout to racing the NFL run. Even if I had a bad race, it could still result as a "hard workout". Unfortunately, I didn't feel great throughout the race. Every mile was definitely a struggle and especially on mile 3 where the wheels fell off. It was definitely over 30 seconds shy of my PR, however will try for redemption on next week's Bronx 10Miler.

01: 6:01:33
02: 5:51:58
03: 6:26:86
04: 5:58:11


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