Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Icahn Speed Series: 5000m - 18:04 / 5:48

Icahn Speed Series - 7/10
5K: 18:04
400m stats: 1:22/1:28/1:26/1:26/1:27/1:27/1:27/1:27/1:27/1:28/1:27/1:27/:40

3rd time at the Icahn with my team and 2nd 5000m race @ the track. My teammate Maloney and I had plans to break 18. Long story short, we should've been more aggressive on the 5-8 loops or tried to keep it under 1:26. Overall, we worked really well together. Ever since our camaderie @ the NYC marathon, we've been training at the same pace during the CPTC workouts, so it seems pragmatic to race together. Those 5 measly seconds was lingering on my mind last night. Live to race another day!


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