Sunday, July 22, 2012

2012 Run to Breathe 10K - 38:04 / 6:09

Net Time: 38:04
Pace: 6:09
Rank: 32/4822
Age Grade: 71.09%

7 seconds off from the Scotland 10k race a few months ago. I felt very comfortable out there and although it wasn't a PR, I knew with two hard workouts on Tuesday and Thursday, it was a solid effort. Also being part of the first place team is a great bonus. Overall I'm beginning to like the 10k distance or perhaps it is just a phase.

A minor critique...maybe I should've been more aggressive on the first mile. Maybe it was possible to reel in another PR effort. Once again live to race for another day. Hopefully I'm able to leverage this race and momentum throughout the rest of the racing year.

01: 6:16:34
02: 6:01:51
03: 6:13:95
04: 6:14:57
05: 5:58:06
06: 6:05:32
.2: 1:14:30

@ Baci Abbracci and Radhegast


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