Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012 Run for Central Park 4M - 23:39 / 5:55

Net Time: 23:39
Pace: 5:55
Rank: 137/5049
Age Grade: 71.83%

Long overdue 26 second PR and first ever sub 6 pace at a NYRR race. I felt great out there especially with recent track workouts and races at the Icahn. More importantly, I came into the race with a different strategy and just to remain aggressive rather than gaining more comfort and momentum as I go along. Typically for 5ks and 4-5 milers there really isn't enough wiggle room to "make up the time" hence I need to hit the pedal right from the start and not wait till mile 3 to make a move.

Ran most of the race with my buddy and teammate, Sussman and hung onto my other teammates gerd, milone and Jordan on the last mile. There was a bit of an annoyance on mile 1 near cat hill where a runner came in between my teammate Sussman and I. Basically there was little room between us and that runner had the audacity to punch me on my right arm and ran through us. Not cool, at least you can do is apologize or say excuse me...decency and sportsmanship goes a long way in life. Hence we used that as a mantra to fuel the fire on the race and pedal to the medal on the second mile (5:49) and let the incident go afterwards. Despite the scuffle, can't let this incident overshadow the PR effort. On the last mile I envisioned the numerous workouts on the west side hills and it worked. With 5:44 on the last mile I was able to hit my long overdue 4 mile PR...about time! I give all the credit to all my CPTC teammates, coaching, and amazing team support.

01: 5:57:40
02: 5:49:24
03: 6:09:39
04: 5:43:53

BBQ and RoofDeck @ Murray Hill


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