Thursday, July 05, 2012

2012 Putnam County 8Mi - 50:47 / 6:21

Net Time: 50:47 (PR)
Pace: 6:21
Rank: 7/350, 1st AG
Age Grade: 69.3%

32 second PR compared to last year. Very pleased with this result because I had done the CPTC ladder workout 12 hours before! Not the best decision but somehow my legs felt great. Again, with this odd distance, it was comprised of rolling hills and on top of that the humidity was a huge factor. I had a minor blip on the last mile where I almost ran off course, but was able to recover and was 7th overall and won my age group. I look forward to race this event next year.

01: 6:06:25
02: 6:35:51
03: 6:12:60
04: 6:24:29
05: 6:26:19
06: 6:32:29
07: 6:25:65
08: 6:06:32

@ The Queens 10K

Opted out of the Queens 10K, hence spectated instead due to the fact that I had raced the Take Your Base 5Miler the day before. Not the best time: 32:17, however, judging by the hot conditions, it was a good and honest effort; good for 5th place overall.

@ Donnybrooks


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