Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Icahn Speed Series, Beers and Night at Roxbury

Icahn Speed Series - 6/12
5K: 18:41
400m stats: 1:25/1:32/1:31/1:28/1:30/1:28/1:29/1:30/1:31/1:31/1:29

Not a PR and definitely felt sluggish battling the wind and rain throughout 12.5 loops. 5Ks are not my race but I need to break away from my comfort zone and compete. Overall, great experience and will need more track races in my resume!

Icahn Series 6/26
1500m: 4:50:57

I set very low expectations for this race. I was expecting to hit around 5:20s but apparently, I was able to go sub 5. I think I could lower it because I was unable to breakaway on the second loop and held back a bit. Nevertheless, a PR by default!

Brooks send-off run w/ his CPTC

One of my closest friend is leaving for his fellowship in Kentucky...send off run with his crew. Can't wait to visit my bro in Louisville!

Wedding @ Roxbury
Beautiful wedding and stayed at the Roxbury Inn. Nicely themed rooms at reasonable rates. Congrats to Lauren and Jonny!

Beer Exhibit @ The New York Historical Society


Blogger Rain said...

I have never raced a track race...that would be interesting!
We are starting to do some track workouts with the group I run with, so I guess I will get a small taste soon.
You look strong out there!

12:47 PM  

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