Sunday, May 20, 2012

2012 Brooklyn Half Marathon - 1:22:00 / 6:16

Chip Time: 1:22:00 (PR)
Pace: 6:16
Rank: 187/14168
Age Grade: 72.23%

This year's Brooklyn Half Marathon was magical. This was probably the best I felt for this year. After a couple of half marathons since 2011's NYC Half, I was wondering if I could ever go faster than a 1:22:38. Fortunately, over one year later, I was able to shave 38 seconds off and achieved my 5th PR of the year and highest AG%. I felt confident coming into the race because last week's healthy kidney 10K led me to believe that I am in moderate shape and recovered well after the Boston marathon. Hence, no excuses I was curious to see what kind of damage I could cause in this course. I started very conservatively on the first mile but was able to maintain a consistent pace once I exited the park. The hills in prospect park was a bit tough on me this year, but once I got out of the park, it was smooth sailing; almost in a tunnel vision. Quite frankly, it was amazing to see familiar faces in my team for support throughout every mile. I owe it all to them. This was definitely some redemption after the Boston Marathon inferno. I currently have no races scheduled for the month of June so I'll use this downtime to revamp my miles, recover and attend all training sessions with my team on a consistent basis. Perhaps if i could find any races under a 10K...I may as well do that in the meantime!

01: 6:28:20
02: 6:18:03
03: 6:03:63
04: 6:19:77
05: 6:24:25
06: 6:26:93
07: 6:02:11
08: 6:14:01
09: 6:09:18
10: 6:14:21
11: 6:14:31
12: 6:14:56
13: 6:12:70
.1: 38:18

Post BK Half @ Studio Sq


Anonymous Crossfit said...

Love those pics, it was a great race event. Looking forward always for more updates. Great job well done, Congratulations !

12:15 AM  

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