Thursday, April 19, 2012

2012 Boston Marathon - 3:10:42 / 7:16

Net Time: 3:10:42
Pace: 7:16
AG: 65.5%
Rank: 1091

Tough day and race. It was all about finishing with dignity at this point where we have no control over the scorcher but only to dial back. Racing this inferno reminded me of the days where my dad and i used to play tennis on a 95 degree humid and muggy weather. I definitely had a goal time in mind however with the weather conditions I just knew a PR wasn't possible or race to my potential. Hence shooting for a PR was not in the works. Instead, my goal was to hit 6:50s and hang on for dear life.

I hit the half-way mark at exactly 1:30:00 rather comfortably, but i knew in the back of mind that the newton hills later on would spew venom on me. As I looked around runners who have stopped or began walking, I slowed down as well after mile 15 but it wasn't the uncomfortable feeling of "shyt i think i may drop out" sorta deal. Overall, I just wanted to finish a solid race.

I have to say there was one race issue and that was the overconsumption of gels...8...yes 8 led my tummy to twist and turn on the last 800 meters. Pathetic I know! Quite frankly that long stretch on Boylston was probably the longest stretch to the finish line of my entire life.

At the finish line, i anxiously waited for my team-mates and was glad that my team was able to finish with dignity and in one piece.

After racing a 3:10 in this inferno i really questioned maybe it is possible for me to drop more minutes from my PR...I really hope so. I just need to stay healthy and be consistent with the workouts and mileage! Till then, so long to my 29th marathon and 4th Boston...See you in 2013!

01: 6:48:92
02: 6:43:91
03: 6:47:84
04: 6:44:12
05: 7:06:49
06: 6:48:68
07: 6:47:83
08: 6:49:85
09: 6:49:76
10: 6:53:62
11: 6:56:89
12: 6:53:69
13: 7:03:22
14: 7:01:32
15: 7:10:58
16: 7:03:91
17: 7:34:39
18: 7:42:80
19: 7:27:23
20: 7:50:64
21: 8:04:84
22: 7:39:71
23: 7:54:65
24: 7:45:93
25: 8:10:40
26: 8:14:32
.2: 1:46:14


Blogger Robert James Reese said...

Way to gut it out on a tough day out there.

6:38 PM  
Blogger Rain said...

Awesome pace through some crappy conditions! That's a great time and I think you are right, I think you might be able to PR your PR..don't underestimate your self you really did great in this race!

7:29 AM  

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