Monday, March 26, 2012

Red Hook Criterium 5K - 18:03 / 5:49

Net Time: 18:03
Pace: 5:49
Rank: 63/170
AG: 71.9%

Haven't raced a 5K in awhile and didn't know what to expect. This race was comprised of 4 loops @ 1.25km with plenty of support from local teams. After the 3rd loop, i felt like a rock was lodged in my tummy as having dinner and a mojito @ Bogota 90 minutes before a race is never a good idea. In addition, it was supposed to be a fun run hence had rock climbing @ BK boulder early in the afternoon. However, I guess the feeling of competition sets in as you get to the start with all the local teams. In addition, it was great having my group of friends cheering after each lap; it was just something to look forward to. Overall, it was a PR, first sub 6 race ever and 1st time in Red Hook (sad i know!). Post race drinks @ Bait and Tackle. Next up: My 4th Boston!

Lap 01: 4:21.17
Lap 02: 4:27.55
Lap 03: 4:38.62
Lap 04: 4:36.51

@ BK Boulders and @ Bogota

@ 3 Sheets Saloon w/ CPTC


Blogger Rain said...

WOW, really wow on those splits! Congrats on the PR! And with a mojito nonetheless! It helps to have friends cheering you on!

1:22 PM  

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