Sunday, March 04, 2012

2012 Silvermine 25K - 1:43:37 / 6:40

Net time: 1:43:37 (PR)
Pace: 6:40
Rank: 32/252

Even though this was my 4th straight Silvermine 25K, I was still in for a rude awakening. Battling these hills are always tougher than CP or PP. Although I was a bit bummed to miss Coogans for a team's points race, I felt I needed this race to prepare for Boston '12. Silvermine marked the inaugural race of using the Brooks PureFlow. These shoes offer less support and it definitely took a bit to get used to. Yes, there were times where I was wincing with pain, but I just need to get accustom to the shoes with "less support". Overall, as painful as it sounds, the pain subsided after mile 10 and I was able to notch a haircut 5 minute PR. I hope to make another trip to Silvermine in 2013 for more Boston preparations.

*Pictures - Thanks to Fred Gaston!

01: 6:41:11
02-05: 26:00:93
06: 6:55:25
07: 6:59:14
08: 6:58:33
09: 6:40:98
10: 6:34:36
11: 6:30:78
12: 6:45:42
13: 6:39:96
14: 6:42:68
15: 6:47:50
.5: 3:19:32


Blogger Rain said...

Great job on the shoes are hard until you get used to them for sure!

With a lot of hills those are some great splits!

1:42 PM  

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