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2011 NYC Marathon 2:58:41 / 6:49

Net Time: 2:58:41
Pace: 6:49
Rank: 975
Age Grade: 69.91%

2011 NYC Marathon

Time flies when I reminisce about the NYC marathon. Actually, it was my 6th. This capped my 27th marathon and 4th of the year. I wouldn’t say it was smooth sailing to get to this point, but it was tough. A couple of months ago, the most important person in my life had a setback in health 48 hours before the Philly Half. I was planning to skip it, but he wanted me to compete and race and return the following day. As tough as it was, I went. However there was no way I was going to race the Berlin Marathon the following week. No effin’ way. Fast forward to November, we got through it and he is now recovering.

Nothing can beat the NYC marathon experience simply because it was my first and always get pumped seeing my friends and family with their excitement. Since there was a chance that my parents wouldn’t be @ their usual spot due to his recovery or possible side effects, it just wouldn’t be the same. But I got his blessing to race and give it all i got; so that made me feel better.

This year I was placed in the local competitive corral. Quite frankly, I missed the regular start where you see all the internationals gearing up for the event and just the atmosphere is more inviting than the secluded LCS. I still don’t see the difference in terms of the porto-potty situation. It’s really the same since all the runners still have to wait. Hence, regular start all the way!

I congregated with my teammates at the start and for the very first time we were situated in the lower level of the Verazzano. I had one of my teammate write a name on my forearm. Knowing the fact that he may not show up at the race, I'll just look at it if I go through some tough patches. I definitely had a goal time in mind, however I know that in marathons anything can happen and with a lingering PF issue since July, I was thinking to myself that I may not have a good race. The first mile, damn, that was difficult. My right PF began flaring up, compensating the gait and I just know it was going to be a long day. I ran with my CPTC buddies nsussman and joeK for the first few miles until we got into the 5th mile, nsussman blasted off. I ran a few miles by myself till I saw ladies in orange on the other side (merritt, Maloney, mariaP, LKos). Once we merged at BAM, luckily the pain on my right foot slightly subsided and I was running with Maloney. I was really glad to see her because on the track, tempo workouts as well as our 20+mile group long runs, we always trained together. Feeding off of my team-mate, I think I got a second life and we worked together till 22. Afterwards she blasted away but was always in my line of sight. Circling back, it was just great to see all the familiar faces with my teammates and friends at BAM (cptc!), Willyburg (soohoo!), LIC (jvong props for the shouts!), my buddies (you know who you are!) all along 1st/5th ave and in the Bronx (thx abruskin!).

Mile 23-24 was the toughest part of the course imho. Physically it was tough rolling through the gradually incline and could feel a nasty blister under my left foot. Indeed I looked at my right forearm at his name to get me more energized. Mentally, I just know it would not be the same without my parents; well they proved me wrong. Just when I reached 96th street and a bit delirious I could see my parents, especially my dad being there. I had a double take and as crazy as it sounds, I started getting all emo’ed and yelled “every year!” After all the surgeries and continuous treatments, he made a promise to me that he will be there for all my NYC’s. Now that I think about it, why would I even think of him not being there? So after the shout-out to my parents, entering into the park was CPTC's wall of orange. Man, I gotta’ give major props to my CPTC team with all the tough workouts, the team camaraderie, close friends I’ve met; just a special feeling and no words could describe that. I knew after seeing my team, and Maloney around 25-30 ft ahead, I knew I locked up my 5th sub three hour marathon, 2nd fastest, and possibly Boston 2013.

Overall, I think I ran an ok race given the circumstances; running with pain (just like everyone else) and possibe over-racing (3 half marathons in 4 weeks may not be the smartest idea). From the splits I definitely slowed down after mile 21 but hung on as long as possible till the finish line. Looking back, this was a bit of a redemption after cancelling Berlin (family is more important than marathons!). As I crossed the finish line, I could’ve cared less about running a sub 3 or not. More importantly in my mind was contacting my parents asap. At the end of the day, seeing them, gives hope that we will share this experience every year. I guess life is never easy but will have to take one day at a time and treat each day as a blessing.

Mile 01: 7:17:47
Mile 02: 6:10:88
Mile 03: 6:32:26
Mile 04: 6:35:20
Mile 05: 6:28:81
Mile 06: 6:31:12
Mile 07: 6:32:99
Mile 08: 6:39:37
Mile 09: 6:43:40
Mile 10: 6:33:61
Mile 11: 6:47:76
Mile 12: 6:39:42
Mile 13: 6:43:78
Mile 14: 6:51:21
Mile 15: 6:57:60
Mile 16: 6:50:19
Mile 17: 6:41:92
Mile 18: 6:41:02
Mile 19: 6:46:47
Mile 20: 6:59:63
Mile 21: 6:59:69
Mile 22: 7:11:58
Mile 23: 7:10:96
Mile 24: 7:30:08
Mile 25: 7:11:77
Mile 26: 7:11:17
Mile .2: 1:25:73

CPTC Benefit @ NYAC

CPTC Benefit @ NYAC


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Awesome job! Now you can enjoy some beers! Running a marathon is on my to-do list, just can't seem to find where to start!

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