Monday, August 08, 2011

2011 NYRR Team Champs 5M - 30:45 / 6:09

Net Time: 30:45
Pace: 6:09
AG: 69.72%
Rank: 212/753

2nd Team champs race with CPTC and always a blast! Although not a PR, I was happy with how the race went especially with all the recent racing and ankle recovery. Sometimes it is not about the time, but the efforts to come back and representing your team with pride. A bit conservative on the first 2 miles followed by hiccups on miles 3/4 and sprinted on the last. Overall, I'm just honored to what CPTC has given me such as lifelong friends and camaraderie. Go Orange!

01- 6:17:73
02- 6:05:96
03- 6:13:87
04- 6:15:18
05- 5:53:25


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