Saturday, July 16, 2011

2011 Run For Central Park - 24:05 / 6:02

Net Time: 24:05 (PR)
Pace: 6:02
Rank: 214/5292
Age Grade: 70.3%

3rd consecutive PR and it definitely wasn't easy. I simply suck in any distances under a 10K. Regarding to the race, I got stuck in a rut on mile 3 but luckily pulled through on the last mile thanks to my teammates. Maybe if I was more aggressive on the first mile or possibly save up on the first two, a sub 24 would be in the works. Nevertheless, with all the recent racing and another PR, I'm ecstatic. I hope to carry this momentum throughout the year. Affirmative, more rest/recovery days are in the works!

01: 6:00:10
02: 5:53:53
03: 6:14:04
04: 5:59:20

@ Studio Sq for the World Cup and Robert Moses w/ CPTC


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