Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 Queens Half Marathon - 1:26:06 / 6:35

Chip Time: 1:26:06
Pace: 6:35
Rank: 51/4797
Age Grade: 68.8%

One minute slower than my last half marathon (BK) time, but around 30 seconds faster from last year's course (albeit different). Out of 31 halves, this was my 6th fastest. Asides from the time, it was more about gaining some confidence back into racing. Long story short, I sprained my left ankle on the bridle path 4 days ago and was pretty down about it. Yes, injuries are part of the game but the Queens half was always in my 2011 radar.

I did not run throughout the week (except for a 15-20 min jog to test out the ankle) and was determined to be almost 75% healed up to participate in this race. I do ask myself why would I risk my ankle when there's plenty of races. I did not make any decision to drop out of the race or race it until the last minute. Truth is, my parents was going to be there, so that was my main motivating factor. In addition, I just had to keep telling myself that if I was able to run after a sprained ankle on mile 8 at the 2006 NYC marathon and executed a 3:58, I should grit my teeth and endure the pain for half the distance.

Luckily, my ankle held up but still tender through race day under favorable weather conditions. The result was a 1:26 and a 3rd place team finish. Even more special was nabbing this place with K and Neal whom I'm extremely close to. GO CPTC! Although not my fastest, it was all worth it to share this placement with them and at least to see my parents being all excited on race day. Yes it hurt a bit, pain is just temporary, but these memories will last. More rest and recovery is in order.

01: 6:32:67
02: 6:18:23
03: 6:25:41
04: 6:35:04
05: 6:26:94
06: 6:22:36
07: 6:27:51
08: 6:36:17
09: 6:37:08
10: 6:41:90
11: 6:44:27
12: 6:59:37
13: 6:39:27
.1: 40:30

CPTC Style @ Jordan's B'Day BBq


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