Monday, June 13, 2011

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Second time in Mexico, this time around it was in Riviera Maya, just south of Cancun. We stayed 6 days at the Barcelo resort and had a blast. Alas, after all the unlimited amount of food and alcohol out there, I still logged 50 miles. Well it is more like feeling gross after each meal/drinks and one way to negate that feeling was, workout and swim.

Everything was great until the 3rd day where we carried an "unconscious" body in his 70s to shore. Without thinking and panicking, to bring the body back to shore was literally our first response. Upon reaching the shore, the body toppled over me due to its weight. As the body laid on the ground, it was semi-bloated and looked de-oxygenated. That was when it hit us, we thought he was dead. Even the beach-goer who happens to be a nurse said "Oh, he's gone". The medics and resident doc came afterwards and tried to resuscitate him for a good 10-15 minutes; but to no avail. Man, we just felt horrible for his wife and it just goes to show how life events are so random. I know this sounds super cliche, but it really reinforces the fact that at any given moment and at anytime, anything could happen. Hence, honor and cherish your love ones everyday and any given moment.


Blogger coach dion said...

TWO weeks to my holiday, and I plan to run a lot, OK I have a marathon planned...

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