Monday, June 20, 2011

2011 Portugal Day - 30:44 / 6:08

Net Time: 30:44
Pace: 6:08
Rank: 149/4630
Age Grade: 69.8%

This was a tough one to rehash. Long story short, I thought everything was going well till the last mile. With less than .5 miles to go, I may have gotten too close to the curb and tripped. Everything happened so fast that all I know was that I had cuts, gashes on my right arm, leg and some on my face afterwards. Luckily my teammate was there to rally and pace me to the finish line. I was a bit disoriented at the end of the finish line and wound up in the medical tent. I really hope that will be the last time it will ever happen to me.

Although on hindsight, I would like to say I really don't think I lost much time getting back into the race. A couple of seconds here and there, is probably not a factor, HOWEVER, thank goodness as much as shyt happens, I didn't land on horseshyt! Again, I hope this will be the last spazztic moment and perhaps be more conscious with my nutritional needs...who knows? All I know is there was no way that a face/body-plant would stop me from finishing a race; gotta' finish with dignity!

01: 5:55:06
02: 5:55:16
03: 6:13:46
04: 6:07:47
05: 6:34:46

Then a Long Run a week later w/ my buddies from CPTC


Blogger Robert James Reese said...

Even with the spill, you finished faster than me!

2:33 PM  

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