Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011 Healthy Kidney 10K - 40:33 / 6:32

Net Time: 40:33
Pace: 6:32
Rank: 220/7563
Age Grade: 66.5%

This one HURT! Maybe it was too much too soon or just a case of over-racing. This was definitely a letdown after last week's Newport 10K. My legs felt flat and after Harlem Hill I was spent! It was the best that I could that day and I knew from the get-go after Mile 2 that breaking 40 was not in the works. I knew I wasn't feeling well and could have easily dropped out of the race, however I need to finish what I started. It certainly wasn't my best race, but I think it is important to OWN EVERY performance whether good AND bad; hence appreciating and savoring the good races.

After the race I had to head back to the doctors in Queens. During that time on the 7 train I just reminisce on things I could've done right. I think it is case of starting the first mile a bit too fast and could not handle the pace. Now that the Brooklyn Half Marathon is on the horizon I really don't have a clue if breaking 1:30 is in the works for me. Oh well, live for another day and another race!

01: 6:11:09
02: 6:22:74
03: 6:26:32
04: 6:51:21
05: 6:35:59
06: 6:32:02
.2: 1:35:22


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