Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011 Brooklyn Half Marathon 1:25:06 / 6:29

Chip Time: 1:25:06
Pace: 6:29
Rank: 173/5909
Age Grade: 69.5%

After the disastrous 10K from last week, I'm very happy to grab my 5th fastest half marathon. I know I'm not in the best shape compared to last year where I ran 90 seconds faster. But I knew I had to start conservatively and save some at the end. Coming back from injuries is tough as I'm still recovering from my calf/achilles, minor health issues and medicated with decongestants. Hence from the get-go I knew that a PR was never in the works. However, if I'm able to finish a solid performance I'll be happy and hopefully the step in the right direction. Reviewing the splits I think I did ok where there were few fluctuations. Overall, I'm glad to get this result under my belt because within a span of 6 weeks, I've competed in 5 races (Boston Marathon, Scotland 10K, Newport 10K, Healthy Kidney 10K and Brooklyn Half). I really think it is time to take a step back to continue training and ease off the racing. Starting 5/22/11, there will be no racing for 4 weeks (or a month). There I said it otherwise, drinks on me!

01: 6:38:02
02: 6:42:15
03: 6:27:24
04: 6:26:57
05: 6:33:58
06: 6:39:17
07: 6:26:32
08: 6:21:43
09: 6:25:22
10: 6:26:17
11: 6:26:00
12: 6:22:04
13: 6:32:08
.1: 42:26

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ok we'll see :) no racing for a month!

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