Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hoboken Halloween 5K - 18:48 / 6:03

Chip Time: 18:48
Pace: 6:03
Rank: 21/1114
Age Grade: 68.7%

Due to my procrastination, I got shut-out of the Poland Spring 5M; the old adage such as "if you snooze you lose" is most appropriate for all race registrations.  The 5K in Hoboken never occurred to me until Matt mentioned during drinks on Friday @ Emmetts that he'll do the race the next day and dressing up as a caddy.

Just wanting to get one more race under my belt, the 5K became a last minute decision.  Then I thought to myself if it would be wise to race the next day after imbibing in irish car bombs and a few glasses of Smithicks later.  I figured, what the heck it is a 5K but I would need to be in early for race day registration.  Luckily on race day, there were some spots left and at the end of the flat course (except for a slight and gradual ascension), I was able to grab my second fastest 5K of the year (7 seconds off my PR @ Founder's Day). 

I'm glad that I committed to the spur of the moment decision.  Afterwards drank a bit more in one of my favorite mixology digs at death & co. w/ buddy and teammate chris.  Now, no more drinks till race day; if so, it'll be a 2 drink maximum.

01: 6:03:16
02: 5:52:25
03: 6:08:41
.1:     43:03

@ Emmett O'llunneys before the race---- IRISH CAR BOMBS!

@ Death and Company after the Hoboken Halloween 5K with buddy/team-mate chris-


OpenID eatdrinkrun said...

Car-bombs before the race? LOVE IT.

6:34 AM  
Blogger coach dion said...

I also get the need to run the odd 5km race, but here we don't had any to choose from. Yes I could run the club TT every week, but it's not the same. I like races and run to many of them. (10km - 42.2km and plenty of trail runs.) Nice to see your speed is still there after your marathon. To many people go into 'plod' mode after a marathon and can only run slowly. Good on you to find something short and give it a go...

10:50 PM  

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