Sunday, October 03, 2010

Grete's Gallop - 1:24:44 / 6:28

Chip Time: 1:24:44
Pace: 6:28
Rank: 130/4564
Age Grade: 69.8%

A week before Chicago, I ran the Norwegian Half Marathon (Grete's Gallop) and came up with my third fastest half (27 halves ran since 2006).  My right hamstring held up, which is a good sign and knock on wood.  I felt I could've pushed a little harder after mile 9 but decided that there's no point in aggravating it when there's Chicago, NY and ultimately Houston on the horizon.  I latched onto my teammate Jordan on mile 1, then ran with Yasu, and with Arthur & Yumi till mile 9 when they started to blast off.  Many thanks to my team for all the encouragement and cheering on the transverses (tony, rsiegel, cptc et al) and Harlem Hills (robgill).  You guys are total badarses  Go Orange!

Another quick tidbit, this was a stacked race (club pts of course!).  I guess the cut off for the first corral will have to be a sub 6 since I have a 6:02 designated on my bib.  However there are a few I noticed who were in the 6:10s-6:20s were placed on blue.  No biggie, was just wondering if nyrr has any formula or consistency to these standards. 

01: 6:25:85
02: 6:21:05
03: 6:17:56
04: 6:23:88
05: 6:32:60
06: 6:18:46
07: 6:22:75
08: 6:37:25
09: 6:29:29
10: 6:36:64
11: 6:48:14 (smh)
12: 6:24:25
13: 6:25:30
.1: 40:06


Blogger coach dion said...

Nice run now have an easy week and kick some butt next weekend, hope you have a good one.

11:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck this weekend!

8:07 AM  
Blogger Robert James Reese said...

Nice run!

That's weird on the bib cutoffs. I wonder what the story is there.

1:29 PM  

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