Sunday, September 19, 2010

2010 18 Mile Tune Up - 2:05:26 / 6:58

Final Time: 2:05:26 (PR)
Pace: 6:58
Rank: 101/4597

Three years later, I've decided to race the 18 Miler instead of another marathon!  I had a goal time in mind and that was to finish with a sub 7 pace, but I had no clue that it would cut this close.  For the first time ever in a race, I had to make two pit stops.  Sometimes I wish that the first stop could be avoided if there were porto johns at the corral start (like the brooklyn half).  I knew I had a chance to hit a PR, but quite honestly I struggled to reach that point mainly due to the pain and tightness of my right hamstring.  I've thought of just nixing the chicago and nyc marathon altogether and just focus on Houston.  I'll just see how my hamstring holds up.  Note thyself, I need to space out the racing for 2011, none of that 7 weekend consecutive racing bullshyt and probably limiting to 3-4 marathons a year. 

Mile 01: 6:55:42
Mile 02: 6:51:59
Mile 03: 7:01:55 (porto john)
Mile 04: 6:45:23
Mile 05: 6:54:89
Mile 06: 6:44:34
Mile 07: 6:56:13
Mile 08: 7:04:09
Mile 09: 6:53:56
Mile 10: 6:50:81
Mile 11: 7:03:22
Mile 12: 6:50:45
Mile 13: 7:10:88
Mile 14: 7:10:04
Mile 15: 6:58:83
Mile 16: 7:03:16
Mile 17: 7:19:12 (porto john)
Mile 18: 6:51:01

Sunday Nite Football was a mixed bag....Jets made me proud while Giants were just effin' miserable.


Blogger chicopea said...

Chicago will be a walk in the park compared to NY! Take it easy and hope your hamstring feels better

9:02 PM  
Blogger coach dion said...

Hi there
I hit next blog from a friends and started reading your story... I also do a bit of running and blogging.
Good Luck for Chicago, I guess you are looking at a sub 3, bet you can do it. Look after your hammies and stretch your quads that helps me a bit..

1:55 AM  

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