Sunday, August 22, 2010

JackRabbit Battle of Brooklyn 10 Miler - 1:04:40 / 6:28

Chip Time: 1:04:40 (PR)
Pace: 6:28
Rank: 6/688
Age Grade: 68.7%

4 years later, I finally cracked a 10M PR.  Well, mostly because there's very few 10 mile races out there (ie. LB10 or Cherry Blossom in DC).  Although I had an opportunity to race the Cherry Tree 10M in February of this year, I declined the full 10M and opt for the relay (we had a blast btw).  Maybe it was because I and a few others found the Cherry Tree course a bit short (<10m for sure!).

The Battle of Brooklyn course consists of three loops of Prospect Park and the hills are very deceiving...even to this day.  I ran through these hills plenty of times including the Brooklyn Halves, Cherry Tree Relays and Founders 5K.  However, it always wind up kicking my behind in the end.  Throughout the race I felt ok and ran inconsistent splits.  Upon the third loop, I clocked a 6:50 on mile 9 while weaving through the purple menace.  Major bummer indeed but picked it up on the last mile with a 6:21.  Noticed how the splits for mile 1, 4, 7 and 10 were a tad faster?  It was mainly because I could spot my parents cheering for me from afar.

I finished the race in under 1:05, and shaved 10 minutes from my previous personal best.  I'm satisfied to acquire my 10th PR on all different distances of this year. With one exception where there was a douchebag cutting the course and sprinting to the finish as I was closing in. He's not even in the race results (he's actually part of the relay team). Pathetic POS. Most importantly asides from a PR, just seeing the 'rents cheering their hearts out made it extra special.

01: 6:12:39
02: 6:23:00
03: 6:33:25
04: 6:13:38
05: 6:30:12
06: 6:40:94
07: 6:21:89
08: 6:32:94
09: 6:50:61
10: 6:21:64


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