Sunday, August 15, 2010

2010 NYRR Bronx Half Marathon - 1:24:36 / 6:27

Chip Time: 1:24:36
Pace: 6:27
Rank: 81/5045
Age Grade: 70%

Albeit a few minutes late to the starting line, I'm happy to nab my second fastest half marathon time.  The MTA was a total fail where a lot of runners had to wait over 30 minutes for the next "4" train on the 86st Stop.  Leading insult to injury, the train was going express to Woodlawn, hence skipping our point of destination.  I was livid.

We arrived near the start around 6:57am and sprinted to the baggage area.  That was when the horn immediately sounded.  Involuntary expletives shortly  followed as there was no time to empty my overgrowing bladder (tmi i know).   Anyway, so the first mile was a disaster where I had to weave through the crowd and divert my attention away from any porto-potty cues.  For the first time, I was really annoyed with the runners and their music on...I used to be one of them!  They just won't budge!

I felt I was running against the clock from miles 2-4 and presided to a comfortable pace as the crowd slowly dissipated.  Slacked off a bit on mile 10 but regained my focus afterwards.  Despite a disastrous beginning, positive take aways from this race was the fact that I felt strong on the later miles, stayed mentally focused and gutted this race through situations out of my hands.

On hindsight the thought of probably running a better time did crossed my mind.  What's done is done, time to move on and onto another race.  However I still can't get over the lack of coordination/communication with the MTA and NYRR.  With thousands of runners dependent on the bastardly incompetent transit system this is frikkin' ridiculous!  Next up - Brooklyn! 

01: 6:54:47
02: 6:24:46
03: 6:15:98
04: 6:27:41
05: 6:28:32
06: 6:25:01
07: 6:21:11
08: 6:26:06
09: 6:26:63
10: 6:31:14
11: 6:38:67
12: 6:23:94
13: 6:16:51
.1:     37:38

As for other running updates, just found out today that I was selected for Houston 2011.  Although I'm racing Chicago and NYC, I'm really not in the mood to do another marathon till 2011.  Maybe I'm just tired or wanting to acquire more shorter races down my belt or possibly dipping myself into some XCs.  Lately, I love racing every aspect of the 4, 5 milers and 10Ks than ever before.  If I didnt know I was going to hit a 2:59 in Boston, I would not have registered for Chicago AND NYC (just one is enough!).   Still a bit fuzzy; but after a sub 3 in Boston, I would like to regroup and choose a target marathon goal for next year.  I'll probably limit my marathoning only to: Houston, Boston (yes i've decided to do it again!), NYC and definitely nixing all ultramarathons next year.


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how annoying with the MTA! i can't give up my headphones though, just push us over lol

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