Saturday, July 31, 2010

CPTC Founders 5K - 18:41 / 6:01

Chip Time: 18:41(PR)
Pace: 6:01
Rank: 38/213
Age Grade: 69.3%

This was the first race organized by my team. Great course and huge thanks to all the organizers and volunteers. It's been awhile since I've raced a 5K (circa 1/2008 @ Sunken Meadow) and was really looking forward to it. 5Ks are tough for me, hence the only way to confront it is to race the damn thing! Even after 3 consecutive weeks of racing, my legs felt ok. I did have a goal time in mind as I was eager to shoot for a PR. I started out way too fast on the first mile (5:37) then scaled back during the remainder of the race. Hopefully in the future I'll be able to hit a sub 6 5K; maybe clocking back the first mile to 5:50s would do the trick. Next time! Right now, I'm pretty stoked to nab another PR; particularly in this distance.

01: 5:37:84
02: 6:13:02
03: 6:10:37
.1: 40:33

The Day After...First Gnocco then some liquid diet @ 11 St Bar. Totally missed out on a double digit long run on Sunday Morning. Damn hangover and rushing to the Mets Game!  Don't ask, what an embarrassing game and still very P'Oed! Oh well, will have to do it on Monday!


Anonymous zbsports said...

wow that inspired me to organized a race together with my team...:D

5:46 AM  

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