Saturday, July 17, 2010

2010 Run For Central Park - 24:33 / 6:08

Chip Time: 24:33
Pace: 6:08
Rank: 172/5054
Age Grade: 68.8%

Mad hot as I have duplicated my Japan Day performance in June.  Started the race with my teammate Jordan, then paced with Kristan for a bit as she blitzed ahead and clung onto dear life with Felice and Arthur to the finish line.  Overall, despite mile 3, I'm glad to race in these tough conditions; hopefully striving for more improvements and consistency in the future.  Btw, I looked like the face of death on all the brightroom pics

01: 6:00:14
02: 5:59:02
03: 6:24:96
04: 6:09:65

@ Brooklyn Boulders with my crew after spending some time with the 'rents


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