Saturday, July 24, 2010

2010 NYRR Queens Half Marathon - 1:26:32 / 6:36

Chip Time: 1:26:32
Pace: 6:36
Rank: 36/3668
Age Grade: 68.4%

A few minutes off from my Brooklyn Half time, nevertheless secured my third fastest half.  Initially, I was a little bummed with the weather reports.  Rather than thinking negatively and psyching myself out, I told myself to man up and race this beast while adjusting my goals accordingly.  Yup it was hot and everyone is running in the same conditions.  No complaints at all!  If I'm going to complain about the weather and using it as an excuse for my performance, I may as well bail the race altogether...then again $20 down the drain!  It was the best that I could do today; no more or no less.

I started the race with my teammate Tyler and Yasu then latched onto Paul and lastly Kieran on the last mile sprinting to the finish.  I hovered around the 6:30-6:40s for most of the race, except for mile 11 and 12.  Damn those two miles were a struggle; but mustered up the pain till the end.  Overall, congrats to all the fearless runners and two big thumbs up to all the volunteers out there!

Looking back at the race, I'm glad i held it together up until mile 11.  I think the experience at NJ didn't make this race that bad at all.  Also, just found out that we got second place in team overall! 

01: 6:27:38
02: 6:27:84
03: 6:31:17
04: 6:36:37
05: 6:32:02
06: 6:40:39
07: 6:36:28
08: 6:34:05
09: 6:37:98
10: 6:40:20
11: 6:51:13
12: 6:54:26
13: 6:28:08
.1:     36:34


Blogger Billy said...

Friggin' sick dude. The grit and resolve on your face in the pics says it all. I suck in heat (well, in cool weather too actually). Given the forecast, I prob would have given myself a DNS and curled up in a fetal position by an AC somewhere.

Great job!

11:17 AM  
Blogger jbetanoff21 said...

Good jon Ken. You look so strong in these pics.

2:54 PM  
Blogger chicopea said...

"man up and race this beast" lol totally should be ur blog's description/title! =P

ur stellar as always!

11:15 AM  

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