Saturday, July 10, 2010

2010 Dash and Splash - 39:41 / 6:24

Chip Time: 39:41
Pace: 6:24
Rank: 45/3878
Age Grade: 67.8%

Although I wanted to better my Newport 10K time, it was the best I could do today.  I'm a lil' PO'ed over eating a banana 12 minutes before the start.  I wanted to hurl on miles 4 and 5; hence a bad judgment on my part.  Note thyself, no food 30 minutes into the race.  It was extremely uncomfortable as I kept trying to force the food down. 

It was definitely a tough day as I needed to use this race to gauge on how I'm recovering after the Quebec 56K.  My legs felt really stiff and heavy throughout the race; not the same feeling as the Father's Day 5M and Brooklyn Half.   I have to say that I doubt I'll be doing ultramarathons anytime soon as they take too long to recover and wreck havoc on my body.  Furthermore, maybe I should've cut back the mileage and took more days of rest instead of heading back to the CPTC track and tempo workouts so soon 3-4 days after the race.  Lastly, I really shouldn't og a 12+ mile run on a hot wednesday night.  Till then, enough with the woulda coulda shouldas!  Plain and simple I just didn't have it today.  However, looking at the brightside, I did crack a sub 40, placed top 10 in my age group and 2nd team overall.  I'll scale down some mileage for the next few weeks to get ready for the upcoming consecutive weeks of racing.

01: 6:07:97
02: 6:22:95
03: 6:19:84
04: 6:30:56
05: 6:39:16
06: 6:22:19
.2:  1:20:79


Blogger chicopea said...

yes, i have to support not doing ultras for a while as i want you to stay healthy and uninjured :)

8:16 AM  

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