Sunday, May 02, 2010

2010 New Jersey Marathon - 3:26:58 / 7:53

My 20th Marathon took place in New Jersey. I think it would be easy for me to say that I had a huge letdown after Boston, on hindsight, this was the best I could've performed today. Yes, the conditions were tough, but you just got to adapt to it and roll with the punches. I knew after mile 3, everything was out of my hands and succumbed to a downward spiral (with fugly splits to come); very reminiscent to '09 Sugarloaf. Some may say it was too soon for another marathon given the inadequate amount of recovery, or possibly training too soon after Boston. This will give me a good lesson in giving my body some good 'ol R&R. But for this race experience, I wouldn't change it for anything. There's going to be good and bad races and if one does not have a bad race, one would have a tough time appreciating the good ones. Again, it was tough and yes, there were times I would've hung a white flag after mile 8, 13 or even 21; simply because my body have already shut down after mile 3. I knew I was digging myself a deep hole and struggled throughout the race. But I managed to hang on and refused to give up on this monster. What's done is done, I just have to own up to my performance. I did have fun though; especially spending time with my usual running cohorts. Wrt the course, I liked the double looped course and the volunteers were amazing. Definitely a tough day to say the least. Another day, another race- time to move on! ;)

Mile 01: 6:38:97
Mile 02: 6:40:19
Mile 03: 6:45:25
Mile 04: 7:01:17
Mile 05: 7:03:42
Mile 06: 7:12:25
Mile 07: 7:24:78
Mile 08: 7:17:50
Mile 09: 7:29:55
Mile 10: 7:27:11
Mile 11: 7:43:10
Mile 12: 7:46:01
Mile 13.1: 8:31:01
Mile 14: 7:06:66
Mile 15: 8:05:13
Mile 16: 8:22:39
Mile 17: 8:21:17
Mile 18: 8:44:96
Mile 19: 8:47:35
Mile 20: 9:23:13
Mile 21: 9:17:37
Mile 22: 8:53:16
Mile 23: 8:49:00
Mile 24: 8:35:22
Mile 25: 8:20:39
Mile 26.2: 9:13:39



Blogger Robert James Reese said...

Nice work out there. Considering that you just ran Boston and how hot it was, 3:26 is still something you can be proud of. Just finishing yesterday was an accomplishment in itself.

It was cool seeing you out on the course. Thanks for the hello.

6:18 AM  
Blogger jbetanoff21 said...

Good job Ken! Sunday was a terrible day to race. It was hot and humid. Time doesn't matter for this one. Perserverance and wisdom was more important yesterday.
You'll do better in the fall.

7:20 AM  
Blogger Willis said...

I can't believe you're still running marathons after that hellacious season of racing. Take a rest! Great run, BTW, even though it was 'slow' for you!

6:53 PM  

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