Friday, April 16, 2010

Pre Boston

Alrighty then, I guess I'll jump into the bandwagon on all the excitement coming from friends, family, peers and other media outlets. I honestly try to look at it as another marathon or race and not think too much about it. But it is tough, especially when your circle keeps talking about it.

Yesterday, even when we were carbo-loading up at our favorite local joint, Al Fornos, boston was the topic of the conversation - ad nauseum. Hmmm...well it is carbo-loading, so thats the main point of the get-together. But damn, just when I want to get my mind off of Boston, I rather talk about visiting Iceland, dissecting Sia, Fleet Foxes, Midlake, Yeasayer and Citizen Cope's music, Yankees bashing, how boring Golf is, and how much I want Mets to make a come-back. Nothing wrong with that; but I could feel the nerves finally sinking in. On a sidenote, with regards to carbo-loading we definitely killed it with two family style pastas, pizza, and salad; not bad for the party of 4!

Reflecting on all my races, looks like April 19th will be my second trip to Boston and 19th Marathon overall. This year, im going to run boston differently...without headphones or music. Actually, it is really what I've been doing ever since the 2010 Miami Marathon. I hope to try my best in this race, stay healthy and really enjoy it like my other marathons; since 2011 is doubtful considering the costs. I wish all marathoners the best!

Al Fornos



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