Thursday, March 25, 2010

The National - High Violet

In less than 2 months, the long awaited National album will be released! Anyone close to me knows asides from my Smiths/Morrissey obssession, The National is another band I'll slit my wrists for. Yes, I went through a total PO'ed episode having missed two intimate Bell House shows in March (tickets were announced on 5:01pm and sold out in less than a minute); however wound up snatching several tickets to the Radio City and Prospect Park Bandshell shows (my 9th and 10th National Shows!).

Asides from the National; have several shows lined up: Spoon (this friday), Micachu, Midlake (april) and Yeasayer (may). Looks like a good deal of concerts to look forward to although ill be missing the MIA show in July. Eff me!



Blogger chicopea said...

you have to keep me posted when you go to these shows!!!

12:27 PM  

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